ILC Stars

The three gold stars represent the three consecutive LCGB best supporting member wins.


Indecipherables Lambretta Collective, better known as simply ILC, are a collection of Lambrettista who originate mainly from the Midlands area of Great Britain, although there are members from many places around the globe.

ILC members cover many thousands of miles each year travelling to organised events, scooter rallies as well as non scooter related events around Europe.

In 2014 ILC decided to take part in the Lambretta Club of Great Britain best supporting member competition and affiliated the ILC name to the LCGB.

They won the competition that year with a record breaking points tally and went on to win the competition for three consecutive years.

ILC are no longer affiliated to the LCGB,  therefore they are not competing in 2017.

We wish our closest rivals, Lincoln & Newark Scooter Riders collective, the best of luck in 2017.

This blog is intended as a record of the trials and tribulations of the Indecipherables Lambretta Collective.


2017 and 2018 tracks

This page shows all the routes I rode during 2017 and 2018 with the tracker recording, please give the tracks a litlte time to load. The tracker is always on but I often forget to enable the upload to server setting 🙁 I will endeavour to enable it every time in future.  

North Coast 500 2018

August bank holiday 2018 gave the opportunity to ride the Scottish North Coast 500 route. Aberdeen Lambretta Club have put this riding event on a few times in the past, the last time being August bank holiday 2016. Although wanting to take part in 2016 I was unable to due to competing in that years …


The best way to contact ILC is to introduce yourself if you see any of us at an event!