Interlaken Monday

Another eventful day today.
Last night most if the party spent far to long in the bars of Dijon which left everyone a little worse for wear.
We left the hotel at around 11am and soon where ridding on some lovely roads within the foothills of the Alps.
Russell’s motor cut out so we all pulled over, while checking the spark plug Russel noticed another problem that could have been the end of his trip.
His frame had broken around the engine mount tube.

We tied it up with a strap hoping to later find a friendly welder.

Unbelievably less than 2 miles further down the road we actually did find a welder who did a fabtastic job for just 30 euros

The engine was dropped down and the petrol tank was removed but as expected there was a fire.

The repair was good so we could all continue.

Soon after crossing the border into Switzerland Scotty’s stator died again and needed changing on the side of the motorway.

Not long after that fix Edens rear hub broke and needed changing.

These 3 issues meant we again arrived at the hotel in Interlaken after 9pm.

Another long day but we are all still rolling and a part of the trip.

Roll on tomorrow. Mountain passes!