ILC do Adria – Day Four

Today we planned to get from Dijon to Interlaken in Switzerland, not many motorway miles before getting on smaller roads to enjoy the scenery.

Our first problem came while in the alpine foothills, in the middle of nowhere Russ pulled over with a dead spark plug, when he removed his side panel to change the plug he noticed that his frame had cracked around the engine bolt tube. I’m sure many of the others thought the same as me, that his trip was over, or would soon be over as it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.

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ILC do Adria- Day Three

After the late night we all rose late morning knowing we had 80 miles less to do today to get to the planned destination of Dijon.

Scotty replaced his stator with a spare and we all packed the Lambrettas up again and set off.

The first funny thing to happen was at a fuel stop where the cashier insisted one of us hadn’t’ paid for our fuel. Becko argued with her for ages until he realised he had paid for his drink and food but hadn’t been charged for his fuel, he paid up and we got away eventually.

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ILC do Adria- Day Two

After a good nights sleep we left Cobham services on Saturday morning, heading for Maidstone services on the M20, We planned to meet the others there so that we could all ride into the Chunnel together so we would be on the same train.

Paul decided to check his tyre pressure only to have the air pump at the services remove all of the air from his tyres, after a bit of faffing around he got sorted and we set off.

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ILC do Adria – Day One

With the excitement building a few of us decided to leave a day early to get the majority of the journey down to the Channel Tunnel done on Friday night rather than getting no sleep on Friday night and doing it all Saturday morning.

We opted to book rooms at the Days Inn at Cobham services on the M25, A few of the crew decided to meet up there, others stuck to the original plan of leaving early Saturday morning.

This also gave me a chance to do any last minute checks and changes to the tracker, camera and luggage packing.

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Interlaken Monday

Another eventful day today.
Last night most if the party spent far to long in the bars of Dijon which left everyone a little worse for wear.
We left the hotel at around 11am and soon where ridding on some lovely roads within the foothills of the Alps.
Russell’s motor cut out so we all pulled over, while checking the spark plug Russel noticed another problem that could have been the end of his trip.
His frame had broken around the engine mount tube.

We tied it up with a strap hoping to later find a friendly welder.

Unbelievably less than 2 miles further down the road we actually did find a welder who did a fabtastic job for just 30 euros

The engine was dropped down and the petrol tank was removed but as expected there was a fire.

The repair was good so we could all continue.

Soon after crossing the border into Switzerland Scotty’s stator died again and needed changing on the side of the motorway.

Not long after that fix Edens rear hub broke and needed changing.

These 3 issues meant we again arrived at the hotel in Interlaken after 9pm.

Another long day but we are all still rolling and a part of the trip.

Roll on tomorrow. Mountain passes!

Dijon Sunday

After last night’s late night today we only did 112 miles to get back on plan.

We didn’t arrive in our rooms at a hotel last night until 4am. This was due to no rooms being available for everyone in Reims, even though we had booked.

We had to continue along the route to Troyes which was the closest place on route.. 80 miles away.

As we left the motorway at Troyes one of the Lambrettas died, so late and dark it was decided to tow it to the hotel.

This morning Scotty replaced his stator which brought his Lambretta back to life.

We are now in Dijon having a well deserved drink.

All the Lambrettas are present

Roll on tomorrow 🙂

Roll on tomorrow!

1st fuel day 1

After delays on the Euro Tunnel we have finally got into France..

Waiting here for the slower Lambrettas to catch up.

No news from them so it must be good news that their still running.
Pics to follow due to slow connection.
While typing this entry some of the other have now arrived with news that Nathan had ran out of fuel…. DOH