2017 and 2018 tracks

This page shows all the routes I rode during 2017 and 2018 with the tracker recording, please give the tracks a litlte time to load.
The tracker is always on but I often forget to enable the upload to server setting 🙁 I will endeavour to enable it every time in future.


North Coast 500 2018

August bank holiday 2018 gave the opportunity to ride the Scottish North Coast 500 route.
Aberdeen Lambretta Club have put this riding event on a few times in the past, the last time being August bank holiday 2016. Although wanting to take part in 2016 I was unable to due to competing in that years LCGB best supporting member championship, this meant I had to attend the Isle of white national rally instead.
The idea of spending three days riding in spectacular scenery on challenging roads appeals to me much more than spending a weekend at a destination that has far out lived its appeal.
The track below is the actual route taken over the weekend. It starts in Inverness to Ullapool via the Applecross Pass on day one, then Ullapool to Thurso on day two and Thurso back to Inverness on day three.
We actually covered 530 miles on the route in all and the experience far outlived the expectation. Most of the roads are single track roads with many well thought out passing places. There are also many miles of flowing twisty undulating well surfaced two-way roads.
Fuel stops were not a problem because Craig from Aberdeen Lambretta Club had prepared a file to download which had the route listed town by town showing mileage between each town and whether fuel is available in each town or not.


Around 50 scooters took part this year which were mostly Lambrettas. The event is a geared scooter event which meant any make of scooter is welcome as long as it’s geared.
Although this years event was the last time Aberdeen Lambretta Club plan to put the event on I would encourage anyone on two wheels who likes a challenge to make the effort to ride this route before hanging up there riding gear.
I have ridden the Alps and Pyrenees twice each along with many other spectacular bike routes over the years but nothing quite has what the North coast 500 route has, especially ridden on a scooter. The roads are perfect for scooters because you can if you wish ride hard on them and not be even close to pushing the speed limitations of scooters, in the videos below you can see that big bikes can’t travel any faster than a well set up scooter on most of the route.

Having said that though, the route is dangerous in many places so you need to be competent and on the ball the whole time, for me though, that is what I enjoyed.
Of the 50 that took part this year most had a tail or two each night of near misses and quite a few did crash to one degree or another, from just running off the road with over enthusiasm to sadly one person being knocked off by a car on the last day and being seriously injured.
We all wish the rider a speedy recovery. Names omitted by request.

Image galley, click an image to see in higher resolution.

Videos play list of the trip. (more videos will be added as they are uploaded).

ILC do Adria – Day Twelve

After a restless sleep I got up early and decided to take my barrel off to find out what yesterdays problem had been. The first problem was getting into the area the hotel had allowed us to park the Lambrettas. As everyone knows, any Lambretta in Italy is a target for thieves, so every hotel we use we try to get secure parking. I had to wait for the bloke who owned the hotel to appear before I could get the key off him, this was at around 7:30 am.

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ILC do Adria – Day Eleven

Today Johnny was heading back home with Curt and Nige so the rest of us took the opportunity to off load luggage we didn’t now need, like worn clothes and jacket inner layers etc.

Once packed up again we headed for the Innocenti factory to pay homage. When we arrived at the gates the Lambretta club of Scotland were already there,  Bob Chalmers was the first to greet us, it was good to see him :).

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ILC Do Adria – Day Ten

Sunday morning saw everyone in Sottomarina feeling worse for wear at breakfast, everyone had to pack up all their gear and load it onto the Lambretta’s again to start the next part of the tour.

Ada’s Mrs had flown over to Sottomarina with a friend to have a holiday and meet up with us, when we were packed up they waved us off.

The plan was to head for Milan via Lake Garda where we would meet up with the people who had stayed at the Adria race track over the weekend.

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ILC Do Adria – Day Seven

First thing to do today was all go on the Imst alpine roller coaster which was right outside our hotel. However, like most of our plans this changed due to the news Scotty had a problem with his engine, a problem that non of us had brought a spare for. His chain tensioner had collapsed during the previous day, part of it had smashed a small hole in the bottom of his engine case which meant all of the gearbox oil had escaped. There wasn’t much left of the tensioner, just a few chewed up parts and the back plate still attached to the case.

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