ILC do Adria – Day Twelve

After a restless sleep I got up early and decided to take my barrel off to find out what yesterdays problem had been. The first problem was getting into the area the hotel had allowed us to park the Lambrettas. As everyone knows, any Lambretta in Italy is a target for thieves, so every hotel we use we try to get secure parking. I had to wait for the bloke who owned the hotel to appear before I could get the key off him, this was at around 7:30 am.

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ILC do Adria – Day Eleven

Today Johnny was heading back home with Curt and Nige so the rest of us took the opportunity to off load luggage we didn’t now need, like worn clothes and jacket inner layers etc.

Once packed up again we headed for the Innocenti factory to pay homage. When we arrived at the gates the Lambretta club of Scotland were already there,  Bob Chalmers was the first to greet us, it was good to see him :).

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ILC Do Adria – Day Ten

Sunday morning saw everyone in Sottomarina feeling worse for wear at breakfast, everyone had to pack up all their gear and load it onto the Lambretta’s again to start the next part of the tour.

Ada’s Mrs had flown over to Sottomarina with a friend to have a holiday and meet up with us, when we were packed up they waved us off.

The plan was to head for Milan via Lake Garda where we would meet up with the people who had stayed at the Adria race track over the weekend.

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ILC Do Adria – Day Seven

First thing to do today was all go on the Imst alpine roller coaster which was right outside our hotel. However, like most of our plans this changed due to the news Scotty had a problem with his engine, a problem that non of us had brought a spare for. His chain tensioner had collapsed during the previous day, part of it had smashed a small hole in the bottom of his engine case which meant all of the gearbox oil had escaped. There wasn’t much left of the tensioner, just a few chewed up parts and the back plate still attached to the case.

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ILC do Adria – Day Four

Today we planned to get from Dijon to Interlaken in Switzerland, not many motorway miles before getting on smaller roads to enjoy the scenery.

Our first problem came while in the alpine foothills, in the middle of nowhere Russ pulled over with a dead spark plug, when he removed his side panel to change the plug he noticed that his frame had cracked around the engine bolt tube. I’m sure many of the others thought the same as me, that his trip was over, or would soon be over as it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.

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