ILC do Adria- Day Three

After the late night we all rose late morning knowing we had 80 miles less to do today to get to the planned destination of Dijon.

Scotty replaced his stator with a spare and we all packed the Lambrettas up again and set off.

The first funny thing to happen was at a fuel stop where the cashier insisted one of us hadn’t’ paid for our fuel. Becko argued with her for ages until he realised he had paid for his drink and food but hadn’t been charged for his fuel, he paid up and we got away eventually.

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ILC do Adria- Day Two

After a good nights sleep we left Cobham services on Saturday morning, heading for Maidstone services on the M20, We planned to meet the others there so that we could all ride into the Chunnel together so we would be on the same train.

Paul decided to check his tyre pressure only to have the air pump at the services remove all of the air from his tyres, after a bit of faffing around he got sorted and we set off.

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ILC do Adria – Day One

With the excitement building a few of us decided to leave a day early to get the majority of the journey down to the Channel Tunnel done on Friday night rather than getting no sleep on Friday night and doing it all Saturday morning.

We opted to book rooms at the Days Inn at Cobham services on the M25, A few of the crew decided to meet up there, others stuck to the original plan of leaving early Saturday morning.

This also gave me a chance to do any last minute checks and changes to the tracker, camera and luggage packing.

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Adria Route


In May 2017 ILC will be travelling to the Euro Lambretta in Adria. The main party will consist of 17 people on 15 Lambrettas, the route will take in the spine of the Alps from Interlaken to Innsbruck before dropping down into Italy. The return will take ILC to Milan then along the Riviera Continue reading “Adria Route”